• Tom Marriott-Moore, for his fantastic memory and enthusiasm for the early days of Scouting in Sale.
  • Graham Coombe, the Archivist at the Scout Association, for allowing me access to the early editions of the “Register of Certified Scoutmasters” and “The Scouter”.
  • Sidney James, who recorded an early history of Scouting in Sale.
  • R.S.C. Hadfield, who wrote the _history of Knutsford District and gave me several ideas on how to pursue my investigations.
  • Bill Black of the United Reformed Church, who gave me valuable information about the Scouts at the old Sale Congregational Church.
  • All those Scouts who. kept Logbooks and other records of their Scouting activities in the early years.
  • Tony Hodder for recording this history on his Word Processor.
  • The numerous people who have read the proof of this history and corrected or added to the original copy.
  • Those of you who have read the instalments of this history in the bulletin and have spurred my enthusiasm by saying how much they enjoyed reading the articles.

2021 Addendum

  • Ian Billingsley, I don’t think you are even aware just how much you piqued my interest in our local Scouting heritage.
  • John D Parker, I am humbled and honoured to be able to offer your amazing scripture to a new audience.
  • To those, like me who realise that without our heritage, our present is empty and our future is uncertain.