Chapter 5.

The Post War Years

1946 – 1990


1946 was a very active year with people coming home from the Forces and being persuaded to rejoin Scouting.

15th Sale was particularly active, forming a Sea Scout Section — “S.S.S. Elfin” — early in the year, their Beaver Patrol winning the flag at the Scout Craft competition at Dunham in May and attending the Derbyshire County Rally in June with representatives from 2nd Ashton, 7th Sale, 9th Sale, 11th Sale and 14th Sale. 15th Sale won the “Pennant for Good Scouting” which was presented by the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallen. In August an Assistant Senior Scoutmaster and 3 Senior Scouts joined the British Contingent to the Danish National Rally at Copenhagen and in September 7 Senior Scouts attended the Altrincham District Boy Scout and Girl Guide Association’s Jamboree at Timperley Show Ground and were inspected by F. Hayden Dimmock, the Editor of “The Scout”.

April was a busy month in the District. A Jamboree Ball was held at the Town Hall making a profit of £29.19s.3d for the Jamboree Fund. The usual St. George’s Day Parade was held, and 7th Sale also formed a Sea Scout Section. Sadder news was that 2nd Ashton Scout Hut had a serious fire.

Lord Rowallen opened Ryecroft Camp Site in May. East Cheshire‘s County Patrol Leaders‘ conference was held at Sale Grammar School. During the year R.W. Irvine ceased to be Deputy District Commissioner , Miss E. Chester District Cubmaster and Badge Secretary and G.Rowlatt District Secretary. C. Joyner was appointed District Scoutmaster, H. Litherland District Treasurer and the Badge Secretary’s job was held by J.A. Robinson and A.V. Harbourne.


1947 started a new era with George Russell as District Commissioner. Other changes involved Sidney Potter taking over as District Chairman from T.G. Wood, B. Brewer as District Treasurer from H. Litherland and M.C. Stuart retiring as Assistant District Commissioner(Cubs). K. Stuart was appointed District Cubmaster, Gerry Newman District Secretary and Bill Roberts Badge Secretary.

The District was left a legacy of £50 by Mrs. Harriet Vickers, the money to be used towards a District Headquarters. (This money was shown separately in the District accounts for many years as no Headquarters was forthcoming).

A Scout dance was held in April and the Jamboree Ball at the Town Hall in August.

7 Scouts from Sale attended the Jamboree at Moisson, France, under the leadership of Bert Kirk. Scoutmaster of 11th Sale – the cost was £22 !. They won the County Trophy.

The District Commissioner presented a new trophy in the form of a pennant at the Campcraft Competition. At the District Camp at Tatton in September, 15th Sale won the prize for crazy sports.

15th Sale camped at Great Towers at Easter and met Lord Rowallen.


During 1948, 3rd Ashton, who were dormant for a while became a Sponsored Group attached to St. Martin’s Church. 15th Sale Sea Scouts moved to “Britannia” and 5th Sale and Ashton moved to a garage at the rear of High Lee House in Broad Road whilst efforts were being made to raise money for a new headquarters as the old one had been passed to Cheshire Education Authority with the School.

In July there was the East Cheshire Rally at Devisdale, to commemorate 40 years of scouting. 2,000 scouts were present and the Chief Scout. Lord Rowallen, attended. Each Association had to make a chair and the one from Lymm was picked as the best.

At the Scoutcraft Competition in April, 15th Sale won the flag.

The B.P. Guild was formed during the year with Gordon Deas as Chairman.

Ken Holt took over as District Treasurer from B. Brewer, Charlie Joyner ceased to be District Scoutmaster and David Stockwell District Rover Leader. Miss. A. (Tiny) Parkinson was appointed District Cubmaster.


During 1949, 11th Sale closed down temporarily due to the lack of support. Following severance from Sale High School, 5th Sale and Ashton became an open Group.

The Inaugural meeting of the B P Guild took place at 1st Brooklands Headquarters with Mr. Gregson in the Chair, George Franklin, formerly of 1st Brooklands, also participated.

15th Sale Sea Scouts had a joint meeting with Altrincham Sea Rangers at “Britannia”. A Rover conference was held in January.

Mr. E. Bate was appointed Honorary District Commissioner.

Mr. W.J. Waywel1 was appointed to succeed Ken Holt as District Treasurer and Gerry Newman ceased to be District Secretary.

Alan Robinson was appointed Assistant District Commissioner(Cubs), Earnest Conchie District Scoutmaster and Tom Holgate District Rover Leader.

May Conchie, Cubmaster of 7th Sale was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation.

In an account in the Sale Pioneer, a list of 60 proficiency badges gained in October/November was recorded.


1950 was a busy year for the B.P. Guild. They had their Annual General Meeting at 1st Brooklands Headquarters on the 9th March at which Gerry Newman was elected Chairman. They had a Hot-Pot Supper on the 11th May, weekend camps at Dunham on 22nd July and 1st September and a further Hot-Pot Supper at the Spreadeagle Hotel, Lymm on the 24th November.

14th Sale became an Open Group in May and 5th Sale and Ashton ran a Pony Gymkhana on the 10th June to raise money for their new Headquarters. Peter Lee and 3 boys spent 10 days at Woodheys Farm picking fruit and earning £7.10s. 3rd Ashton re—formed a Cub Pack.

At the Annual General Meeting in April, George Franklin was appointed Scouters’ Council Secretary, Mr. J.G. Glynn was appointed District Secretary and Mr. S.T. Hovell ceased to be Deputy District Commissioner.

Mr. A.V. Harbourne died during the year.

Major—General Lloyd from International Headquarters was the Speaker at the Rover Conference in January.

The St. George’s Day Service on 23rd April was held at the Presbyterian Church. Because of the numbers attending, two services were held.

Mr. Luck of the B.P. Guild donated a Senior Scouts Sports Shield — 5th Sale and Ashton and 15th Sale shared the trophy this year and 1st Brooklands won the junior and intermediate Shields. The Swimming Gala was held in September.

In October, the Sea Scout Commissioner from International Headquarters, Lieutenant Commander Taylor G.C., was the speaker at a gathering of Sea Scouts from many Manchester Districts. This was held at “Britannia”.

A County International Jamboree was held at Dunham. 32 Scouts representing 7 European Countries attended, this included representatives from 5th Sale and Ashton, 9th Sale and 15th Sale. It was opened by Lord Derby and the welcome was given by Lord Stamford.

In November, a joint meeting of 5th Sale and Ashton and 15th Sale was held at “Britannia”. Lord Stamford gave an eyewitness account of the opening of The New House of Commons on 25th October.


At a Social on the 14th April, Mr. E. Bate was presented with his warrant as Honorary District Commissioner‘ Thanks Badges were presented to Mr. T.J. Wood (District Chairman) and Mrs. M.A. Brotherton (Swimming Club Secretary).

At the Census, the total strength was 619 — an increase of 53 from 1950.

The St. George’s Day Service was held at Central School with the Cubs and Scouts having separate services.

In August, Peter Lee took a contingent of boys from 1st Brooklands, 5th Sale and Ashton, 7th Sale and 15th Sale to the Jamboree at Bad Ische, Austria. A Jamboree Ball was held in October to help defray their expenses.

Mr L.M. Sidebottom took over as District Treasurer from Mr. W.J. Weywell and Ernie Conchie ceased to be District Scoutmaster.

Mr. S.T. Hovell became Assistant District Commissioner(Scouts) and Bernard Martin became District Secretary.

In a cutting from Sale Pioneer, 73 proficiency badges for Scouts were recorded.


1952 was a year when several Groups moved their Headquarters.

5th Sale and Ashton opened their new building in Woodbourne Road, 9th Sale moved to the Hut, Trinity Road, 11th Sale moved to the Catholic Club Grounds, Marlborough Road and 14th Sale moved to the Community Centre, Norris Road. A new Group, 1st Sale Sea Scouts, was formed, with Headquarters in Britannia Road.

In February, a memorial service was held at 1st Brooklands Headquarters for King George VI. This was organised and conducted by all the King’s Scouts in Sale.

Peter Lee led a contingent of King’s Scouts to Windsor. The County Annual General Meeting was held in Sale, and the total numbers at the census was 613, 6 down on last year.

A record number of proficiency badges was gained — 335 as against 187 last year.

The Cub Scouters sang carols outside District V.I.P.’s houses and raised E3.6s.5d for the Sunshine Home for Blind Babies. Not to be outdone, one Cub Pack collected sweets and gave them to Children in Booth Hall Hospital.

The usual Jamboree Ball was held and raised £11 towards the Hamnett Memorial Fund. Various Groups also donated to the Lynmouth Disaster Fund.

A District Bulletin was started — editors John Monnet and Ernie Conchie.

The B.P. Guild was still active under the Chairmanship of Gerry Newman and held 2 weekend camps at Dunham, a family Picnic, a hot-pot supper at the Spreadeagle Hotel, Lymm and a St. Valentine’s Dance.


1953 was Coronation Year and to celebrate this, sale and District Boy Scouts and Girl Guides held a Handicraft Exhibition on the 20th and 21st May at Sale Town Hall. The Exhibition was organised by John Monnet, District Scoutmaster, and took the form of a stall for each Brownie, Scout, Guide and senior Scout Proficiency badge and a further exhibit for Guide Cadets. This was a great success and made a profit of £90 for Scout and Guide Funds.

Two Scouts represented Sale at the Coronation and were on duty outside Buckingham Palace.

The Cubs were very active — 1st Sale started a Pack and a new Cubcraft was started using examiners from other Districts. There was a display of Cub Handicrafts in the shop window of Sewcraft, Cross Street and, during Bob—a—Job Week, the Cubs ran a shoeshine stand outside Sale Station. The Inter District Football Competition with Gorton, Cheadle and Hyde was won by Sale. 222 boys were taken to the circus and 187 attended the Christmas party.

Rovers acted as stewards at the Sports and gave service to the W.V.S. by lighting and maintaining fires during the civil Defence drive or recruiting campaign.

5th Sale and Ashton Senior Scouts visited Austria in July and Godfrey Walker of 7th Sale was Sale’s representative at the Windsor Parade and Service.

The Senior Scout Committee ran various events including a Mock Trial, a Square Dance, a hike in Derbyshire, s Camp Fire and a Christmas Social.

5th Sale and Ashton held a concert in October ¢called “Bubble and Squeak”.

During the year, two old supporters of Sale Scouting died – “Pop” Hamnett, Assistant District Commissioner(Rovers) for many years and Mr. S. Porter, Past District Chairman. In memory of “Pop” Hamnett, a fund was set up to help needy Scouts and it was called “The Hamnett Memorial Fund”. A memorial Service was held on the 22nd February.

Mr. T.J. Wood retired as District Chairman and was made Honorary Vice President. John Monnet ceased to be District Scoutmaster due to pressures of business and this position was taken over by Gerry Newman for a short while. He felt he could not continue as his Group had to come first, so Dennis Alderson took over. John Parker took over as Badge Secretary from Bill Roberts, prior to his appointment as District Chairman.

The census total was 621, an increase of 8 over last year. Badges gained dropped to 241 but last year’s figure of 335 was exceptional.

The Swimming Gala provided a profit of £10.3s.3d and a “Christmas Eve Dance £6, both to District Funds.

The B.P. Guild was not quite as active but held a weekend camp at Dunham as usual.


The District Senior Scouts were busy this year. In February they walked to Warburton Old Church and held a midnight service there. They had a meeting at Sale Grammar School at which the Field Commissioner Mr. L. Harris talked on “How to get the best out of Senior Scouting”, and they had a debate at 5th Sale and Ashton Headquarters, the motion being “The Sale Junior Borough Council serves no purpose”.

Among the Groups, 9th Sale re—registered as 9th Sale (St Anne’s), 15th Sale produced a show called “Fifteenth’s Frolics” and 3rd Ashton closed down although the Cubs started again later in the year.

The St. George‘s Day Service was held at the Odeon Cinema and the Association put on a Show at Brooks Institute. A District Gang Show was mooted but was scrapped because of lack of support. A District Camp Site was opened, due to the hard work of Tom Holgate. Unfortunately, it was not a success because it was too small. In June, a District Rally was held at Ryecroft at which 87 Scouts attended and a deputation of Scouts attended an International Jamboree at Lyme Park, Disley.

The Rover Crew at 1st Brooklands was restarted and the Rovers held a Hot—Pot Supper and Beetle Drive, proceeds to Christmas Comforts at Altrincham General and Sale Cottage Hospitals.

The census return showed a total number of 653, an increase of 32 over last year, and 323 proficiency badges were gained. Bob-a-Job Week raised £242.1s.11d. of which £172.19s.8d. was passed back to Groups.

The Cubs had a record attendance at the Circus of 250.

Sadly, our president since 1944, Frank Highley, died.

As forecast last year, Bill Roberts was appointed District Chairman.


District events during this year consisted of a Senior Scout wide Game ending with a Camp Fire at 1st Brooklands Headquarters, 2 Scout Wide Games attended by 120 and 150 Scouts, the usual St. George‘s Day Service at St. Mary’s Church — attendance over 1000 — a District Rally at Dunham, a Cub Rally at Tatton Park, a visit to the Circus at Belle Vue by 278 Cubs travelling by motor coach, and the usual sports events and competitions.

5th Sale and Ashton and 15th Sale formed Rover Crews and 15th Sale a Senior Scout Section. 5th Sale and Ashton Scouts visited Switzerland.

There was a Chief Scout’s Rally at Chester and a Jamboree in Canada with Eric Able of 15th Sale and Brian Smith of 9th Sale attending.

Gordon Taylor was appointed District Scoutmaster.

A Church Warden’s Staff was donated to St. Anne‘s Church and dedicated in memory of Frank Highley.


The 40th Anniversary of Cubs was celebrated by a Service at St. Anne’s Church and a tree planting in Walton Park. The Cubmasters had a Social and there were various open Pack Meetings.

Another highlight of the year was the visit of 27 Swiss and German Scouts to Sale for two weeks. This was in return for a trip made by 5th Sale and Ashton Scouts to Zurich last year. The Mayor and Mayoress of Sale welcomed them to the Borough at the Town Hall, where light refreshments were served. During the first week they visited Liverpool Waterfront and New Brighton, toured around Manchester where they were received by the Lord Mayor and the Swiss Consul, watched an International golf match in Wythenshawe Park and were hosted by local Scouts. The second week was spent in camp in North Wales with 5th Sale and Ashton.

Alan Robinson, Assistant District Commissioner(Cubs) for many years, was awarded the Medal of Merit — only the second one in Sale.

District events included St. George’s Day Service at 5t.Mary’s Church, (proceeds to Rowland l-louse), the Jamboree Ball organised by Mr. and Mrs. Whittle (proceeds £11.11s.) and a Parents Social at the Library Lecture Hall.

The Annual General Meeting was held at the Electricity Demonstration Room in May. The Mayoress, Mrs. Jones, held a Coffee Morning and raised £44 for District Funds.

A new shield made by Mr. Edwin Burrows and inscribed “Sale and District Boy Scouts’ Association Knock-out Trophy” was presented to the District Commissioner. 9th Sale were the first winners.

The new Rover Plan was launched this year with varied responses.

Alderman Bernard Flinter was appointed District President and Dorothy Parkinson, District Secretary.


This was Jubilee Year and to mark the occasion a Silver Salver was presented to the Borough of Sale. In recognition of this the Annual General Meeting was held in the Council Chamber.

It was also the year of the Jamboree in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield. Sale was well represented at the Jamboree and hosted several French Scouts for the week of the event. The Mayor gave a reception at the Town Hall for these boys and their hosts.

Scout Week was held in September and several events took place. At the Swimming Gala, Jack Hope, the Baths Superintendent, and a Vice President of Sale Scouts, was presented with a Ronson cigarette lighter. There was also a Social Evening at which “Tiny” Parkinson, District Cubmaster for many years, was presented with the Medal of Merit. There was also a Parade and Display in Worthington Park. Various Open Nights were held by Groups during the week. The week ended with a Service at St. Anne’s Church

A Letter of Commendation was presented by the District Commissioner to David Jones of 9th Sale via his parents. The citation was “for his fortitude in suffering”.

Amongst Group news, 3rd Ashton re—started and became an open Group moving to Brooks Institute as a temporary measure pending raising money for a new Headquarters. 11th Sale restarted in March and now operated from premises off Glebelands Road. 1st Sale Sea Scouts were renamed 16th Sale as they were no longer Sea Scouts. Their Headquarters were off Clarendon Crescent.

Gerry Newman was made a Life Member of the Association in appreciation of all the work he had done for Scouting in Sale.


In 1958, work started on 3rd Ashton’s new Headquarters in Brayton Avenue and 2nd Ashton’s new Headquarters was opened by The County Commissioner , Mr. Green.

District events included a Dinner Dance. in February, The St. George’s Day Service at Trinity Road Methodist Chapel in April and the Annual General Meeting in the Electricity Demonstration Room in May.


1st Brooklands Scout Group celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a week of events at their Headquarters.

Malcolm Scott of 2nd Ashton represented Sale at the Jamboree in the Philippines and. was. loaned a camera by the Rank Organisation to record his trip. A social was held at Brooks Institute to welcome him back and he was able to illustrate his talk with photographs. A draw held at this event raised £154.1s.6d. for the Jamboree Fund.

Other events included a Dinner Dance in March and the County Rally at Devisdale. At the St. George’s Day ‘Service held at the Locarno, 7th Sale Band played the March Past . It was decided to purchase a St. George’s Flag to be used at the annual service.

Receipts from Bob—a—Job reached a record level of £418.0s.1d.

Ernie Conchie, Assistant District Commissioner(Scouts) and Bill Smith, Rover Scout Leader 1st Brooklands, were awarded the Medal of Merit and a Thanks Badge was presented to Mr. Reekes of 5th Sale and Ashton for his work with the Swimming Club.

“Tiny” Parkinson resigned as District Cubmaster, a position she had held since 1948.


News from the Groups included 2nd Ashton helping the R.S.P.C.A. in their protest against the export of horses from Ireland by manning a post collecting names in very bad weather. 16th Sale’s Headquarters was destroyed by fire and was unfortunately not insured. 15th Sale celebrated their 21st Anniversary with a Scouts‘ Own in the School Hall.

Keith James of 7th Sale led a contingent of 50 Scouts at the Windsor Parade.

The St. George’s Day Service was held as usual at the Locarno and the annual Dinner Dance at the Woodlands Hotel. There was a Conference of Administrators held in September and all Groups were represented. A new event, a Teenagers Dance, held at the Locarno raised £8.

George Russell, District Commissioner, was awarded the Medal of Merit. Mrs. Grace Dais, who had recently joined 3rd Ashton as Cubmaster from Altrincham District, was awarded a Bar to her Medal of Merit. Harry Brenner, Deputy District Chairman was presented with a Thanks Badge.

Scouters‘ subscriptions were increased from 2s to 3s and the Scouts from 6d to 9d.

Barbara Newlove represented the District at an Indaba in Holland and Bill Rankin became Bulletin Editor.

Sadly, Evelyn Bate, District Commissioner from 1931 to 1945, died during the year.


District events in 1961, included a District Scout Rally and Camping Competition in September, a visit by 220 Cubs to the Circus at Belle Vue, the St. George’s Day Service at the Locarno and a Mannequin Parade for which 472 tickets were sold and a profit of £80 was made.

Ken Holt led a Scout contingent at the Windsor Parade and included P. Armistead of 1st Brooklands and D. Needham of 7th Sale.

Assistance was given to the Leonard Cheshire Home at Sandbach by distributing leaflets and presenting them with a spin dryer.

15th Sale started to build their new Headquarters this year.

A Thanks Badge was presented to the Chief Constable of Altrincham for his assistance in connection with badge work.

‘The Joint Activities for Guides and Scouts (JAGS) was formed for joint events for the two movements.

1st Brooklands became founder members of B—P House by contributing 3s per head.


3rd Ashton moved to their new Headquarters in Brayton Avenue, a culmination of 4 years‘ hard work. It was opened by Mr. J.D. Jackson. Headmaster of Cecil Avenue School.

Chris Hill represented East Cheshire at the International Operation US and Gordon Kinder was the Sale representative at the National Conference at Skegness.

The Field Commissioner, Mr. Blore, gave a talk to Cub and Scout Officers at Clarendon and the St. George’s Day Service was moved to the Odeon. Thomas Frank of 5th Sale and Ashton giving the address. (Thomas left for Africa the following year to work as a Pilot for the Missionary Aviation Fellowship).

“Resusci—anne”, the life size dummy used for life saving exercises, was purchased for £35.


St. Paul’s Church has sponsored a new Cub Pack to be named 6th Sale after the Group that was there before the war. Jamboree year again, this time at Marathon in Greece. Sale was represented by Arthur Bell of 2nd Ashton and Rodney Taylor of 5th Sale and Ashton. At an “At Home“ in November, these two Scouts spoke and showed slides of their trip. Also on this occasion, a Thanks Badge, mounted on a wooden plaque, was presented to the Sale Fire Service for their work in connection with running courses and examinations for the Firefighter and Fireman Badge.

Scouts Andrew Page and Chris Hill of 1st Brooklands attended the Windsor Parade and during their stay helped to apprehend a thief who stole a coat from a car in Westminster.

At the Executive Committee, it was decided to hold the first District Gang Show and a Subcommittee was set up to organise the event. Bill Bethell and Peter McElhinney were the Scout representatives, Bill Roberts and Len Sidebottom the lay representatives, and Bill Rankin as P.R.O. The show was to be in January 1964.

A Sub-Committee of 3 Lay Members was also set up and known as the Warrants Sub-Committee, one member at least to have experience in the Movement if at all possible. It was to commence in January 1964, and it was to interview all Warrant applications. The original committee consisted of Mr. E.W. Hill (Chairman), Bill Rankin and John Parker.

Great concern was expressed over the increase in Subscriptions to Headquarters to 5s. per head. Local meetings were held and views passed on to International Headquarters.

A fire destroyed the Buildings at Ryecroft Camp Site and the District made a donation of £5/5/0d towards the reinstatement.

The “Freedom from Hunger” campaign held several money—raising events in Sale and 5th Sale and Ashton and 7th Sale assisted at the Garden Party. Several Groups and the District made donations to the appeal.

Due to ill—health Ernie Conchie resigned as Assistant District Commissioner(5couts). At an Executive Committee meeting later in the year he was presented with a Warrant as Honorary Assistant District Commissioner. Mr. E.W. Hill took over as Badge Secretary from John Parker.

George Russell, District Commissioner, was elected a Councillor and the Executive Committee congratulated him on behalf of the District.


A new Group, 17th Sale, was founded by David Stockwell, sponsored by The Avenue Methodist Church and meeting in the Church Hall.

5ale’s first Gang Show took place in January at the Town Hall. The show was a great success and made a profit of £45. It was decided that this should an annual event and the second one took place in December.

The new District Badge was approved and submitted for quotation.

Councillor Arthur Jones was appointed District President. John Parker took over as District Treasurer from Len Sidebottom, who was moving away from the district on his retirement from business. He was presented with a framed Letter of Appreciation, executed by George Russell. Mr. Hill resigned as Badge Secretary and his son, Christopher, took over the position. Peter Lee was appointed the first Assistant District Commissioner(Senior Scouts).

Sid Hovell, for many years Assistant District Commissioner died this year and there was a minute’s silence at the Executive Meeting in his memory.

Medals of Merit were awarded to Gerry Hatton, District Vice President; Peter Lee, Group Scoutmaster at 5th Sale and Ashton; Fred Sellars, Assistant District Commissioner(Senior Scouts) and Bill Roberts, District Chairman.

Thanks Badges were also presented to Harold Dickinson, Musical Director and pianist for the Gang Show and Chief Inspector Fryer for his help with Badge Work.


Ted White became Assistant District Commissioner(Rovers) on his move to Sale from Salisbury, where he had been very active in Scouting. Bill Rankin became District Secretary when Dorothy Parkinson resigned due to illness, Fred Sellars became District Scoutmaster (Senior Scouts), Les Pope District Scoutmaster and Bob Shore Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts).

A coffee morning was held at the home of the District Commissioner and raised £21/3/Od.

Awards this year included the Bar to the Medal of Merit to Alan Robinson, Assistant District Commissioner(Cubs), Medals of Merit to Barbara Newlove, Cubmaster 1st Brooklands, Dorothy Parkinson, District Secretary, Peggie Howie, Cubmaster 5th Sale and Ashton and Jack Hope, Vice President and Chairman of the Scout Swimming Club.

The Scouters’ Council Dinner was held at the Pelican Hotel attendance was 23. Mr. J. Saunders, a Scouter from Central Africa gave a talk on Scouting in that country.

The Executive Committee approved the holding of another Gang Show in 1966 and appointed the following Subcommittee to organise it — Peter McElhinney, Producer, John Parker, Business Manager Bill Roberts, Bill Bethell and Bill Rankin. Thanks Badges were presented to Mrs. Ward and Mrs.Sevi1le for their help with the first Gang Show.

The District was allowed the use of the “Mayoress‘s Shop” to raise funds and despite short notice of this, raised £42.

In September 210 Sale Cubs crowded into Manchester Corporation Buses at The Town Hall bound for their Annual Outing to Tatton Park. Various games were played in the afternoon and after tea a Wide Game was held.

3rd Ashton opened the extension to their Headquarters in October and 5th Sale ceased to exist, their b0YS joining 9th Sale.

The St. George‘s Day Service, conducted by Chaplains from all three denominations, was held at the Odeon Cinema. 11th Sale were given special permission to attend for the first time. Nigel Stanyard of 7th Sale attended the parade at Windsor.



Designated as World Friendship Year, it was celebrated by a visit from Belgian and Austrian Scouts. They attended a joint camp for a week with Sale Scouts at Tawd Vale and then spent a week as guests in the homes of Sale Scouts. During this latter week they visited various places of interest with their hosts.


This was also Cub Jubilee Year and a Camporee was held at Woodbourne Road to celebrate. The Cubs also held a Jubilee Sports at Crossford Bridge Playing Grounds, and baked two cakes for Operation Birthday Cake.


The Advance Party Report came out this year, making sweeping changes to Scouting. The Executive Committee became the District Scout Council with various Sub-Committees. Rover and Service Councillors became the Service Team and Senior Scouts became Venture Scouts.


The accent for Scouters was on Training with a review of Warrants every 5 years and a retirement at 65. Scouts and Ventures could no longer wear shorts in Uniform.


Ted White relinquished his position as Assistant District Commissioner (Rovers) and became Deputy District Commissioner and Fred Sellars ceased to be Assistant District Commissioner (Senior Scouts) on leaving the District. John Davenport became District Secretary. Roy Davenport, 2nd Ashton, represented Sale at the Windsor Parade.


Medals of Merit were awarded to John Parker, District Treasurer, Mick Robinson, member of the Executive Committee, Lee Pope, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), Harry Smith Cubmaster 7th Sale, Charlie Joyner, Group Scoutmaster 14th Sale and David Stockwell, Group Scoutmaster 17th Sale.


In terrible weather conditions, a Venture Course was held at Lyme Park in October. The District Venture’s Pennant was awarded to Mike Coyle of 5th Sale and Ashton.


The First District Venture Scouts meeting was held and was attended by 21 Venture Scouts and 5 Scouters.


‘Gang Time ‘66’ was held in January. Tickets were 4/6 reduced to 2/6 for Scouts on Tuesday & Thursday.


Amongst Cub Scout Good Turns at Christmas, 1st Brooklands entertained 40 old people to an afternoon tea and Nativity Play.


The Mayor sponsored a Youth Arts Festival and the District Commissioner chaired a ‘light music’ item – Peter McElhinney helped with the production.


A Mammoth Salvage Drive was held and tons of waste paper, old iron, and copper etc, were collected at the old Scout Headquarters in Mersey Road. After many headaches about disposing of the collection a profit of £186 was made.




This was Diamond Jubilee Year and was celebrated by a Chief Scout’s Rally at Devisdale. Of the 1500 campers, 237 came from Sale and every Group was represented. 2nd Ashton went the old traditional way, using a Trek Cart. Diamond Jubilee Sports and Swimming Gala were held and to mark the occasion a Tea Trolley was presented to the Civic Authorities.


Alan George and Chris Davenport of 5th Sale and Ashton attended the World Jamboree in Ohio, U.S.A., Graham Saunders, also of 5th Sale and Ashton, went as a contingent leader. Various events were held during the year to raise money for this event, including a Barn Dance at the Town Hall and Coffee mornings. Many Groups made donations. Half the profit (£50) from ‘Gang Time 67’ was also donated to the fund.


Sale Scouts made visits to Belgium & Austria in return for their hospitality during World Friendship Year.


At a Friends of Scouting Social at the Town Hall, a film and slides of the Jamboree were shown.


Several adventurous overseas Visits took place during the year – Malcolm Scott of 2nd Ashton and a former Jamboree representative left as a member of the ‘British Scout’ Expedition to Australia’, journeying overland by Land Rover as far as possible. 5th Sale and Ashton Ventures had an expedition to Czechoslovakia and had an article in ‘Scouter’ about it. Jim Horsford of 5th Sale and Ashton undertook an Explorers Belt Project to Czechoslovakia, but was turned back by tanks at the border. Other Group news included a start on site work of 7th Sale’s new Headquarters and a Radio Jamboree on the air at 3rd Ashton.


This was a really memorable year as the first Silver Acorn in Sale was awarded to George Russell, District Commissioner.


A Thanks Badge was awarded to Bill Rankin on his departure from Sale. He had been Bulletin Editor and P.R.O. for many years. His position as Bulletin Editor was taken over by Jim Morris.


Peter Roberts was appointed Activities Secretary – a new position under the Advance Party Report. His job was to ‘ maintain contact with the Local Education Authority and other organisations, to advise Scouters on Adventure Activities and to organise courses and expeditions.


Alan Robinson, Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs) for many years, retired and was presented with a Silver Salver, suitably inscribed by the Rock Council. Bob Shore changed from Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) to Assistant District Commissioner (Training) and Lea Pope relinquished his appointment as District Scout Master. Bob Shore and Roy Davenport of 2nd Ashton attended the St. George’s Day Parade at Windsor.


Sadly Sidney H. James died during the year. He was a Scouter at 1st Brooklands in its infancy, formed 2nd Sale and the Cubs and Scouts at Henshaw’s Institute for the Blind and became Commissioner for Handicapped Scouts.




This was a rather special year. George Russell, who had been District Commissioner since 1947, decided that it was time for him to retire. To mark the occasion an Illuminated Address and tea trolley were presented to him at the Civic Hall.


Ted White became District Commissioner and also took over the role of ‘Acting’ Bulletin Editor, from September.


Several of 1st Brooklands Group were honoured – Guy Barnes, Chairman and Hewitt Sumner, Assistant Scout Leader, were awarded Medals of Merit. Colin McIntyre, Group Scout Leader, received the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


Money-raising activities on a District basis continued the theme of sharing any profits with Groups participating in ‘ Gang Time’, which included for the first time Ranger Guides and raised £82, half of which went to Groups and the remainder to the Jamboree Fund. There was also a sponsored walk. The profit of £500 was also split 50/50 between the District and Groups.


In connection with the Biafran Emergency Appeal, a mile of pennies was started in School Road, the result being £43-10-0d. A lot of pennies.


The new County Emblem was available.


At District level, Michael Bolton of 3rd Ashton, won the Electronic Challenge and went forward to the County Competition, and Jim Horsford of 5th Sale and Ashton attended the Windsor Parade. There was also a recruitment campaign for Vice Presidents, whose subscription was 10/6d per annum.


Les Pope became Assistant District Commissioner (scouts) and organised a new competition for photography.


An extension was built to 5th Sale and Ashton’s Headquarters




In 1969, 1st Brooklands Diamond Jubilee was celebrated by a week of events in May, consisting of a coffee evening, a Cub Scout Open Evening, a Jubilee Dance at Sale Cricket Club , a Scouts Open Evening and a Scouts Own on Sunday. A week’s camp at Gilwell Park in August was the culmination. New Group flags were presented and blessed by the Rev. L. Davies of St. Paul’s Church.


George and Lil’ Remond, long serving Scouters of 2nd Ashton, were awarded Medals of Merit on their retirement.


Various money raising efforts were held during the year. The Charity Shop was staffed by the District & Groups – the profit again being shared – several coffee mornings and a Fashion Show were held. A waste paper collection was made from 5th Sale and Ashton’s Headquarters, 120 members of the District visited the Talk of the North – profits again being shared between the District and Groups.


A District Camp was held at Middlewood – 18 Patrols, comprising of 110 Scouts and Ventures and 5 Scouters. The Gold Standard was awarded to 5th Sale and Ashton and 16th Sale Patrols. A Patrol Leaders’ Training Course was run by Les Pope.


A meeting was held at 16th Sale’s Headquarters to form the District Band under the Bandmaster Harry Aldcroft, The District agreed to give £300 towards their instruments.


Two Groups opened their new Headquarters. 7th Sale Headquarters in Clarendon Road was opened by Ernie Conchie who was presented with a cut glass vase. David Tait, the Group Scout Leader, was presented with a pewter tankard to mark the occasion and the Rev. W. Loutitt blessed the building and the Roll of Honour. George Russell, now an Honorary District Commissioner, opened 14th Sale’s new Headquarters


A tape recorder was purchased to relay messages to Barbara Newlove, Cubmaster 1st Brooklands, who was in the Royal Devonshire Hospital in Buxton.


As part of a Good Turn at Christmas, 55 members of 1st Brooklands sang carols at the Royal Devonshire Hospital.


Arthur Smith became District Venture Scout Leader.


A further competition with a prize was held for a new District Badge as the previous one turned out to be too large. The winner was Vic Hadwick.




This being the beginning of a new decade, it was decided to hold a display and call it ‘Scouting in the 70’s’. The event was organised under the Chairmanship of David Stockwell and as well as displays by Cubs and Scouts, the Police and Fire Brigade gave displays. There were also numerous static displays and a local Radio Station.


In the County Commissioner’s Challenge (C.C.C.), 4 Patrols from 16th Sale completed all six challenges and won C.C.C. woggles.

Another unsuccessful meeting was held to explore possibilities of a District Headquarters


On the financial side, a Cheese and Wine Party was held at John Parker’s House, in Framingham Road, and raised £20. The District Subscription, on decimalization, was converted to 10p per head, and a loud-hailer was purchased to assist District events.


The Census figures showed an increase of 48 to 801


The usual Christmas trip for the Cubs saw 300 visit a pantomime in Salford.


16th Sale moved into their new Headquarters on the playing fields near Clarendon Road.


This was also a notable year because George Russell, former District Commissioner, became Mayor of Sale and the Scouts gave him every support possible.


Fred Sellars Assistant District Commissioner (Senior Scouts) was awarded a Bar to his Medal of Merit.




1971 was another Jamboree Year. Clive Jackson of 5th Sale and Ashton represented the District at Asagiri Heights, Japan.


The District Silver Band was very active raising money. They held a Cabaret and Supper Dance and the Cheshire Constabulary Band (Bandmaster C.W. Holt) kindly offered to hold a concert in the Town Hall in aid of the District Band funds.


With a view to raising money, the District joined Altrincham District in a visit to the night club in Eccles – the Talk of North.


A mock disaster was staged at Ringway Airport involving a D.C. 8 aircraft which had crashed on landing. 200 Scouts from East Cheshire took part with Sale being the largest contingent.


There was a plea from Peggy Howie, who had stored the scenery from ‘Gang Time’ in her cellar, could somewhere else be found to store the scenery Please!! This became an annual problem.


The Census figures showed a slight increase to 811.


Bill Roberts decided that because of failing health, he would have to retire as District Chairman – a post he had held since 1954. Alan Robinson, Deputy Chairman, took over.


Bob Cole and Robert Strachan became District Cubmasters and David Potter District Scoutmaster.




This was a year of many changes following the retirement of Bill Roberts as Chairman. John Parker took over as Chairman and Bill Bolton as Treasurer from John Parker. John Davenport retired as Secretary and his position was taken over by Bill Halkyard whose position as Badge Secretary was filled by Tom Cole.


Barbara Newlove, Cub Scout Leader of 1st Brooklands, was awarded the Medal of Meritorious Conduct in recognition of her cheerfulness and fortitude during her long illness. Bill Roberts was awarded the Silver Acorn – only the second one in Sale, and Winnie Pope, Cub Scout Leader at 17th Sale, Ron Seddon, Group Scout Leader of 9th Sale and Arthur Smith, Venture Scout Leader of Sale Venture Scout Unit, were awarded Medals of Merit. Thanks Badges were also presented to John Davenport for his service as District Secretary and Mrs. A. Ellis and Mrs. H.E. Whitehead for their help in producing the District Bulletin.


When Lord Robert Baden-Powell opened 4th Timperley’s new Headquarters, Sale District was asked to provide entertainment during the Saturday afternoon. The Cubs put on a Stick Dance, a P.E. Display and Mini Pioneering at 1st Brooklands Headquarters, whilst Scouts displayed Leather Work, Plane Table Mapping, Map Enlarging and Photography at 5th Sale and Ashton Headquarters. Ventures showed a film of Unit Activities and also Mixed Unit Activities. Lord Baden-Powell was presented with a small leather pouch for his monocle.


This was European Friendship Year and 47 Scouts went to a Wariki (International Jamboree) in Easki, a village on the east coast of Denmark.


In Sale the Ventures mounted “Operation Clean-up” in Broad Road Car Park and raised £200 by sponsorship. The Venture Unit, plus 2 Scouts from 3rd Ashton, took part in the County Regatta.


The fund-raising event this year took the form of organising the selling of tickets for Charity Night at the Garrick Playhouse in Altrincham. The Play, which was enjoyed by all who attended, was Terence Rattigan’s ‘The Winslow Boy’.


The Jamboree Fund was closed as it was felt that its purpose was too restrictive, the remaining funds to be used for the next Jamboree. In its place an International Fund was set up to help Sale Scouts visiting overseas and overseas Scouts visiting Sale. Many promises of help to raise the money were made.


There was another overall increase in the census figures to 832.


Robert Strachan relinquished his position as District Cubmaster to become Assistant District Commissioner (Leader Training) and Roy Davenport became District Venture Leader.




The highlight of 1973 was the Friends of Scouting Social. This was a social evening given by the District as a “Thank You” to District and Group representatives. This year it was attended by the County President, William Bromley-Davenport, the County Commissioner, Jim Webb and John Coffey, County Chairman. Bill Roberts was presented with his Silver Acorn by the County President. There was an interlude by Sale District Silver Band arid a film of the recent Jamboree was shown.


This was the year of reorganisation of the Scout Counties. Sale District became part of Greater Manchester West County instead of East Cheshire.


A special effort was made by Sale Scouters led by Lea Pope, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), to introduce Scouting to Sale West. A Cub Pack was started in the Community Centre and a meeting was held to form a Scout Group. Due to lack of support this effort had to be abandoned.


Separate St. George’s Day Services were held for Cubs and Brownies and Scouts and Guides. The Cubs and Brownies Service was held at St. Paul’s Church and the Scouts and Guides at St. Joseph’s Church. A joint March Past and Mass Rally for the renewal of Promises was held in the open.


Census figures dropped slightly to 828.


With the reorganisation of several non-conformist Churches and the demolition of the Presbyterian Church, the sponsorship of 7th Sale passed from the Presbyterian Church to the United Reformed Church.




11th Sale Group opened their new Headquarters in Springfield Road. This was the culmination of several years’ work and voluntary labour, including the use of prisoners from Grappenhall.


New Group colours were presented and the Catholic National Scout Chaplain, Father John Reynolds, blessed the colours at the Headquarters. The building was opened by the Group a first Scoutmaster Eddie Keady.


The District Executive Committee was reorganised during the year to produce a more streamlined Committee supported by various sub-committees.


The St. George’s Day Service was held in Worthington Park -the first time it was held outdoors.


  1. Lawrence Riley presented the Douglas Riley Trophy for First Aid for Scouts – the first winners were 9th Sale.

Several awards were made this year:- Les Pope, Assistant District commissioner (Scouts) and Peggy Howie, Cub Scout Leader at 5th Sale and Ashton were awarded their Medals of Merit, Peter McElhinney, Scout Leader at 16th Sale and Gordon Kinder, Group Scout Leader at 15th Sale, the Medal of Merit and Harold Dickinson, Musical Director, ‘Gang Time’, the Chief Scout’s Commendation Les Pope resigned as Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), Cliff Sellars took over as District Venture Leader from Roy Davenport and Colin McIntyre became Acting District Treasurer in place of Bill Bolton.




1st Brooklands opened their new Headquarters in Raglan Road and took part in a parade from the old Headquarters accompanied by the District Silver Band. The opening ceremony was performed by Sir Harry Page, (Treasurer of Manchester City Council and former member of 1st Brooklands), and the youngest Cub (Ben Ingham). A tape recording of B.P. was played during the ceremony.


The Jamboree in Littlehammer, Norway was attended by Chris Varley of 3rd Ashton and Martin Oliver of 1st Brooklands.


70 Cubs were sponsored to sit in silence for up to 1 hour in answer to I.T.V’s ‘Magpie’ programme to raise money to help furnish holiday homes for handicapped children. They raised £158.


In conjunction with British Rail, Cubs carried out a Conservation Exercise, helping to clear rubbish from four separate sites and opening up overgrown footpaths.


At the Sixers camp at Dunham an ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition was organised by 5th Sale and Ashton Ventures and Cliff Sellars ran the Camp-fire.


Mike Roberts, Venture Scout Leader, led a contingent of 32 Queen’s Scouts from Greater Manchester West County to the St. George’s Day Parade and Service at Windsor.


It was Sale’s turn to host the County Annual General Meeting and it was held in the Town Hall.


At the District Annual General Meeting a total census figure of 774 was announced; a considerable drop since last year. The Capitation Fee was £l.35p.


‘Gang Time’ included Cubs for the first time.


Many Awards were made during the year. A new innovation occurred, in that 11th Sale and 1st Brooklands were awarded Chief Scout’s Commendations as Groups for the work done in connection with their new Headquarters. Colin McIntyre, Group Scout Leader at 1st Brooklands and Acting District Treasurer, Tony Evans, Group Scout Leader at 3rd Ashton and Peter Haeck, member of the District Executive Committee were awarded Medals of Merit. Lucy Healey, Treasurer at 11th Sale, Ron Fry, Treasurer at 2nd Ashton and George Banham, and Treasurer at 7th Sale were awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


Mike King succeeded Arthur Jones as District President and George Banham took over as Badge Secretary from Tom Cole. Arthur Jones and Tom Cole were given Thanks Badges.


Ann Kay took over as Assistant District Commissioner (Leader Training) from Robert Strachan and Robert Cole ceased to be District Cubmaster.




This was the Cubs Diamond Jubilee Year and it was celebrated with a service at St. Anne’s Church and a Jubilee Day at Crossford Bridge Sports Ground. There were various stalls and side shows, displays by the Police Judo Team, the Scout Silver Band and an Army Shooting Range, the evening ending with the usual Camp Fire.


It was also the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and a County Rally was held and a special badge issued. Sale Scouts organised leather work and whittling displays and the Cubs a Sausage Fry.


The first Scout Band Championship was held at Cecil Avenue School and the Cubs and Ventures had floats in Sale Festival Parade. The Scout Silver Band also played at the Remembrance Service in Sale.


Four Cubs from Sale joined Scouts and Guides from Sale and Altrincham Districts to assist Cheshire Conservation Trust to clean up Timperley ponds. Five lorry loads of rubbish were removed.


The District ran a Football Buster Competition, resulting in a profit to Groups of £258, the District £284 and expenses of £183. A District Administrators’ Conference was held at Sale Grammar School with the assistance of the County Team.


The census figures increased considerably to 861.


Sadly, our former District Commissioner, George Russell, died during the year and many of his Scouting friends attended the funeral.


One special award was made this year – the Silver Acorn to Ted White, our District Commissioner. This was only the third one awarded in Sale.


Cliff Sellars was appointed Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), Mike Roberts, Assistant District Commissioner, (Venture Scouts) and Peter Daley, Assistant District Commissioner, (Cub Scouts).


A new Group was formed, sponsored by St. John’s Church, Brooklands Road and was named 2nd Brooklands. John Smith was their first Group Scout Leader.





There were several Awards made during the year. John Parker, District Chairman and Harry Smith, Group Scout Leader at 7th Sale, were awarded Bars to their Medals of Merit, Tom Armstrong, Group Scout Leader at 16th Sale, Arthur Gavaghan, Scout Leader at 11th Sale, Mollie Knighton, Cub Scout Leader at 3rd Ashton, Reg Mason, Quartermaster at 7th Sale and Cliff Sellars, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) were awarded Medals of Merit and Eric Harden, Swimming Club Secretary and Ron Kettle, Band Treasurer were awarded Chief Scout’s Commendations.


9th Sale completed their new Headquarters and it was opened by the youngest Cub Scout supported by the Mayor and Mayoress of Sale. The Group was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation in acknowledgement of all the hard work in this connection.


15 Bands attended the Scout Band Championship at Cecil Avenue School.


The census figures showed a small reduction to 831.


Lord Stamford had died in 1976 and the ownership of Dunham Massey Hall and Park passed to the National Trust. Some land which included Dunham Park Scout Camp was needed as a new car park. What will happen now??.


Pauline Sellars became District Cub Scout Leader.


Doreen Brandreth and Winnie Pope became District Cub Scout Leaders.




After many prolonged negotiations with the National Trust, a new Camp-site was agreed upon – this was outside the Park near Home Farm. Last Camps were held at the old site and an appeal was made for £40,000 to erect buildings on the new site. This was a site much favoured by Sale Scouts, who were highly involved in the fund raising efforts.


The Scout Band Championship was held again and a plea at the District Annual General Meeting was made to make the gathering more attractive.


Census again dropped slightly to 822.


The Silver Band formed a Trumpet Section and Drum Squad and the Band divided – The Silver Band became a Concert Band arid the Trumpets and Drums a Marching Band. Both sections remained part of the District Scout Band.


A new Venture Scout Unit was registered as Ashton-upon-Mersey Venture Scout Unit.


Colin McIntyre relinquished his post as District Treasurer on his removal from Sale and Gordon Boldison took over. Peter Wilding became District Quartermaster.




This was year of Anniversaries – 1st Brooklands celebrated their 70th Anniversary with a Dance at St. Mary’s Church Hall, and 7th Sale their 50th Anniversary with a reunion at Sale Hotel followed by a meeting at their Headquarters. They also held an Anniversary Parade and Service at St. Paul’s Church.


This was also the International Year of the Child and Cubs joined a County Project to help Cubs and Scouts in Nepal.


The Duke of Edinburgh visited Manchester in connection with his Award Scheme. Sale Ventures and some Scouters were in charge of security in the marquee used for the visit, and slept in it overnight. The Unit served as Guard of Honour to meet the Duke as he alighted from his helicopter and Ted White, District Commissioner and Mike Roberts, Assistant District Commissioner (Venture Scouts), were presented to the Duke, as Chairman and Secretary of the Trafford Award Committee.


Forty Scouters, Venture Scouts and Service Team Members worked in St. Martin’s Churchyard helping to repair and rectify damage caused by vandals.

The Churchwardens offered St. Martin’s School as a possible District Headquarters. It had been empty for 5 years and badly vandalised. After much careful thought the offer was refused as it would have cost too much to put it into good order.


To help with the new Dunham Park Scout Camp, where work on the site had begun, plastic car stickers were sold for 50p and a donation of £50 was made by Sale Festival Committee.


The District held a Social Evening in March for the usual “Friends of Scouting” and the District Band had their annual inspection in March followed by the Band Championships in May.


The World Jamboree was held in Iran and the District was represented by Nicholas McKie of 11th Sale.


A new Venture Scout unit, called Sale Moor Ventures, was registered.


The Venture Room at 5th Sale and Ashton was destroyed by fire and meetings were held at 1st Brooklands Headquarters as a temporary measure.


The census figures showed a large increase this year, totalling 901. Charles Joyner, Group Scout Leader with 14th Sale and Hill Halkyard, District Secretary, were awarded Bars to their Medals of Merit. Pauline Sellars, District Cub Scout Leader and Jack Branney, Band Secretary, were also awarded Medals of Merit. Mike Butterworth, Scout Leader at 15th Sale, was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation.




1980 was the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the District Scout Band. They celebrated with an Anniversary Dance at St. Mary’s Church Hall and a Service in the United Reformed Church. Band equipment was presented in memory of Ron Kettle, Band Treasurer for many years.


A Coffee Morning was run at Brooks Institute and raised £67 for Dunham Park Camp-site.


‘Gang Time’ was proving a great success and it was decided to have an extra performance on the Saturday afternoon.


The Football Buster, which had raised a considerable amount for Groups and the District, ceased because of lack of support.


Due to lack of Leaders, 16th Sale Group had to close down.


Census figures increased slightly to 916.


Several awards were made: Winnie Pope, Cub Scout Leader at 17th Sale, received a Bar to the Medal of Merit, John Casson, Scout Leader at 14th Sale and Brian Sykes, Scout Leader at 17th Sale, received Medals of Merit. Joan Blackledge, Cub Scout Leader at 2nd Ashton, the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


There were several changes in the District Officials:- Peter Daley resigned as Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts), Ian Hawksworth became Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties) Vic Hadwick became District Scout Leader, Pauline Sellars ceased to be District Cub Scout Leader and Peter Wilding took over as District Treasurer from Gordon Boldison who had left the District.




Thanks to many splendid efforts. Dunham Park Scout Camp reo­pened, and the Ceremony was carried out by Colin Evison of 9th Sale.


3rd Ashton’s Sir Peter Scott Pack, visited Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust and met Sir Peter. They presented him with a painting and greeting cards, prepared by themselves.


The District Scout Band split into a Silver Band under Peter McElhinney and a Marching Band whose aim was to enter competitions and remain the District Scout Band, whilst the Silver Band met at 3rd Aston’s Headquarters.


The Census figures reached 959, an increase of 53.


Les Pope, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), County Band Advisor and Chairman of Sale District Scout Band, was awarded the Silver Acorn for all the work he had done in the district and with the Band for many years.


John Casson took over as Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) from Cliff Sellars.


Pauline Sellars became Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) and Anne Kendall, District Cub Scout Leader.




This was nominated the “Year of the Scout” to celebrate 75 years of Scouting.


9th Sale Scout Group celebrated their Golden Jubilee With: A service at St. Anne’s Church. The District Band led the parade back to their Headquarters, where sherry and a Jubilee Cake were served. They also had a Jubilee Camp in July and a Dinner Dance at the end of the year.

In connection with ‘Sleep a Night Somewhere’ challenge, both Packs at 3rd Ashton got a mention in the ‘Scouter’. One pack slept in the lifeboat station at Lytham St. Anne’s and the other in a ‘Kellogg’s’ Corn Flake lorry.


Census figures dropped slightly to 949.


Peter McElhinney was awarded the Silver Acorn for his work with 16th Sale and particularly with the annual ‘Gang Time’.


Rick Turner, Group Scout Leader with 9th Sale, Eric Harden, Chairman of the District Swimming Club and Peter Daley, Cub Scout Leader with 3rd Ashton were all awarded Medals of Merit.


Noel Goodyear became Assistant District Commissioner (Venture Scouts) replacing Mike Roberts and Martin Wilding became Assistant District Commissioner (Scout Fellowship).




To celebrate ‘73 years of Scouting’, the District organised a weekend event in June, called ‘Scouting in the 80’s’. The aim was to publicise Scouting and show that not only were the basic principles of Scouting still retained, but that modern equipment and technology were also being used to create greater interest and flexibility. The event combined with the Manchester Counties Scout Band Championships and took place in the grounds of Cecil Avenue School.


The Scouts camped overnight and took part in various displays including Backwoods Cooking, Pioneering, Abseiling, Plaster Casts, Computing, C.B. Radio and a Camp Fire to name but a few. The weekend culminated in a Scout’s Own Service on the Sunday.


Following ‘Scouting in the 80’s’, a District Revival package was set up by Pauline Sellars and John Casson.


The World Jamboree was held in Alberta, Canada and Sale District was represented by Colin Evison of 9th Sale and Steve Parry of 3rd Ashton.


The first District ‘Open House’ was held and the idea was for all Leaders to come along and exchange ideas and talk about programme planning, problem solving and Leader Training. It would also be an opportunity to distribute information.


There was an appeal to start a Scout Fellowship Section.


Another money raising effort in connection with Dunham Park Scout Camp-site involved ‘purchasing’ so many feet of electrical cable to connect the site to the mains.


Census figure showed a considerable decrease to 882.


It was agreed that 3rd Ashton should start the first Beaver Colony, under the leadership of Sheila Daley. Peter Daley was appointed District Beaver Adviser.


Sale Moor Ventures were renamed Phoenix Venture Scout Unit.


14th Sale Scout Group, together with their Guide Company, cleaned up Sale Water Park in conjunction with the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign in Beautiful Britain Year. 45 dustbin bags of rubbish were collected in 4 hours.


Peggy Howie, Cub Scout Leader of 5th Sale and Ashton, was awarded the Silver Acorn, Mike Roberts, Assistant District Commissioner (Venture Scouts), Jean Banham, Cub Scout Leader at 7th Sale and Steve Griffin, Assistant Venture Scout Leader of Ashton Venture Unit, the Medal of Merit and Ken Lonsdale, Treasurer of 9th Sale, the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


The Silver Band was taken over by 3rd Ashton Scout Group and was called the 3rd Ashton upon Mersey Scout Brass Band. Guides and Rangers were introduced into the Marching Band and its name was changed to the Sale District Scout and Guide Band.




This was a memorable year in many ways. Ted White, retired as District Commissioner and was awarded the Silver Wolf by the Chief Scout – the first in Sale. To say ‘thank you’ for all Ted had done for Scouting. A Dinner Dance was held at the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham and was attended by many of his Scouting friends. He was presented with an electric typewriter from the District, a shooting stick from the Rock Council and a framed photo from 7th Sale. In return, Ted presented a District Scout Flag for use on parades.


There were several other awards made, quite a number of which were related to ‘Gang Time’, whose 21st Show was produced this year.


John Parker, District Chairman, was awarded the Silver Acorn. David Watson, Group Scout Leader at 7th Sale, George Banham, District Badge Secretary and Treasurer at 7th Sale, Harold Dickinson, Musical Director of ‘Gang Time’. Irene Simpson. Wardrobe Mistress “Gang Time” and member of 5th Sale and Ashton Group Committee, Betty Parker, Ticket Secretary of ‘Gang Time’ and member of 5th Sale and Ashton Group Committee, Dorothy White, District Supporter and Sam Thornton, President of 17th Sale and Chaplain of Greater Manchester East, all received the Medal of Merit. 17th Sale Scout Group Council, Richard Hunt, Stage Manager of ‘Gang Time’ and Assistant Scout Leader at 3rd Ashton, Roger Kettle, cast member with ‘Gang Time’ and Group Scout Leader at 1st Brooklands, Ian Hawksworth, Assistant Producer of ‘Gang Time’ and Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties) and Andrew Jefferies, Assistant Scout Leader at 17th Sale were all awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


At the District Annual General Meeting, John Parker presented a Union Flag to the District as a token of all the pleasure he had received from Scouting over many years.


The census figures showed a healthy increase to 957.


The duties of the Finance and Fund-raising Sub-Committee reverted back to the Executive Committee, as it was felt that too many meetings of the same people were being held.


Sale Venture Scout Unit ceased to exist, because of lack of support. 4th Sale Scout Group moved to the new United Reformed Church in Whitefield Road, when Ashton Congregational Church, in Park Road, was sold.


There were many changes to the District Officials during the year:- Peter Daley became District Commissioner instead of District Beaver Adviser, Ted White became Chairman of the District Scout Fellowship, (whose first meeting was held in September). Paul Wilkinson took over as Assistant District Commissioner (Venture Scouts) in place of Noel Goodyear, Martin Wilding became Assistant District Commissioner (Leader Training) instead of Assistant District Commissioner (Scout Fellowship), Sheila Daley became District Beaver Leader, Lesley Casson joined Ann Kendal as District Cub Scout Leader and Vic Hadwick ceased to be District Scout Leader. On the Lay Side, David Boynton took over as District Treasurer and Gordon Kinder became District Quartermaster.




Two events were celebrated this year. Firstly it was 11th Sale’s Golden Jubilee and they held a Jubilee Dinner Dance at the Masonic Hall in Tatton Road. Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury and the Deputy Mayor attended as did many previous members and Leaders of the Group.


Secondly, 17th Sale opened their new Headquarters behind Coppice Avenue Library – a culmination of 10 years hard work and fund raising. Two ‘Open House’ sessions were held on the Saturday with an ‘Austrian Evening’ Social in the evening. On the Sunday a parade took place from The Avenue church car park to the new Headquarters, where the Official Opening Ceremony and Blessing were carried out by the Reverend Sam Thornton, Group President.


The Group Council of 17th Sale were awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation for their work in building the Scout Headquarters.


At the Band Championships, the Sale Band won the Contest Class and, later in the year, they organised a Variety Night in aid of District Funds.


‘Gang Time’ moved to the Garrick Playhouse in Altrincham, as it felt that there were better facilities there and more seats.


Beavers became full members of the Association and held their first Fun Day at Moor Nook Park. 60 boys from 5 colonies transformed into Indians in an afternoon of fun and games.


The Eagles and Cygnet Venture Units were formed.


John Parker decided to write a History of Scouting in Sale and made the first of many appeals for information.


The Census Figures dropped to 876.


Bill Halkyard, District Secretary, was awarded the Silver Acorn, Cliff Sellars, Group Scout Leader of 14th Sale, a Bar to his Medal of Merit, Peter Wilding, District Treasurer, the Medal of Merit, John Hardern, Assistant Scout Leader at 17th Sale, Gerry McNeil, Chairman of 11th Sale, and Roy Ault, District Band Adviser, the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


Pat Haynes took over as District Commissioner, Pauline Sellars became Assistant District Commissioner, (Beavers), instead of Assistant District Commissioner, (Cub Scouts), Ian Hawksworth became Assistant District Commissioner, (Cub Scouts) instead of Assistant District Commissioner, (General Duties) and Ann Kendal ceased to be District Cub Scout Leader.




To celebrate 70 years of Cub Scouting, a 3 Counties Camporee was held at Heaton Park. 120 Cubs and 100 Scouts attended from Sale and the Chief Scout visited the site. Sale ran a woggle making stall which proved to be a great attraction. The Rainbow Theme was adopted in connection with emphasis on training.


A trip on the Bridgewater Canal was arranged from Timperley to Dunham. The support for this was poor but the Hot Pot cooked and served by the Haynes family was excellent.


Poor support caused the suspension of 4th Sale Scout Group, and Ashton-upon-Mersey Venture Scout Unit disbanded. A new Unit, the Viking Venture Unit, was formed.

5th Sale and Ashton celebrated their Diamond Jubilee with a Buffet Dance at Lancashire County Cricket Club. Several past members attended and there was a display of photographs and other mementoes.


Census Figures showed a welcome increase to 933, entirely through the development of Beaver Scout Colonies in the District.


Peter Hanna became, (after a short spell as District Scout Leader) Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), in place of John Casson who became Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties). Ian Hawksworth ceased to be Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts). Tony Hodder and Judith Dutton became District Cub Scout Leaders.


Mike King ceased to be District President and Robert Strachan took over as District Secretary from Bill Halkyard who retained his position as Appointments Secretary.


In September Ted White retired as Editor of the Bulletin after 18 years and 200 editions.




There was another Diamond Jubilee this year – 3rd Ashton’s. They celebrated with an ‘Open Morning’ at their Headquarters, a Reunion Dinner Dance at the Cresta Court Hotel and a Thanksgiving Service. A great number of ‘old faces” turned up to help them celebrate.


A District Camp was held at Dunham to celebrate 60 years of Scouting in Sale and a New Year Party was held at the Cresta Court Hotel.


The District was represented at the Windsor Parade by Winnie Pope and Andrew Goodier.


A lifesaving doll, ‘Ressusi-anne’, was purchased by the District to help in First Aid and Swimming. A new lease for 60 years was successfully negotiated with Trafford Borough Council for the old 16th Sale Headquarters which was now used for storage of ‘Gang Time’ costumes and equipment.


Census figures showed a further increase to 956.


Winnie Pope, Assistant Group Scout Leader of 17th Sale was awarded the Silver Acorn.


Janet Marsden became Assistant District Commissioner, (Venture Scouts) in place of Paul Wilkinson, relinquishing her position as District Scout Leader, Judith Dutton became Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts) instead of District Cub Scout Leader and Lyn Henry became District Beaver Leader.




Bob Mellor took over as Editor of the District Bulletin as Chris Varley could no longer find the time because of business commitments. It was re-named ‘The Grapevine’. The new publication was complimented on by Ted Hayden from Scout Headquarters.


The Cubs won the County Chess Competition in Leigh and the Scouts won the County Camping Championship.


A Uniform consultative questionnaire was issued about new uniforms, and a result of this was that hats would no longer be compulsory. A combined County and District Badge was introduced at a price of 30 pence.


A sponsored Fun Day by the Beavers raised £1500 and the cheque was presented to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Appeal by Viv Anderson, the Manchester United Footballer.


The District ran a Buffet Dance at Sale Conservative Club and it was attended by all sections of the District.


‘Gang Time’ celebrated its Silver Jubilee and returned to the Sale Civic Theatre from Altrincham Garrick because of high costs.


The District Scout Fellowship and Service Team were wound up because of lack of support but the younger ex-Scouts and Rangers kept together and formed the Dragon Scout Fellowship. The Eagles Venture Unit, operating from 3rd Ashton, closed.


14th Sale Scout Group celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a Reunion, a Dance and a Thanksgiving Service.


Census Figures decreased to 916.


A District Office was opened in a room at 9th Sale’s H.Q. and various facilities, such as a telephone and photocopier were provided. The Office was to be manned by District Officials each Monday Evening.


John Parker became District President and Robert Strachan took his place as District Chairman. Robert Strachan’s position as District Secretary was taken by Kim Green.


At the Annual General Meeting, John Parker was presented with a folding garden chair, in recognition of his many years service as Chairman.


In a move to try and make the Scout Fellowship more viable, Colin Dutton was appointed Assistant District Commissioner (Scout Fellowship).




As Bob Mellor could no longer produce ‘Grapevine’, Pam Manna and Tony Hodder offered to be Co-editors of a new bi-monthly magazine called ‘District News’.


It was decided that Executive Committee meetings would be held bi-monthly in the future, the District Officials dealing with any urgent business between meetings.

A District Open Day was held at the Chairman’s house at which ‘Paté and Plonk’ were served.


The District Band joined the Traditional Youth Marching Band Association and entered several competitions associated with it in the Contest Class. At Coombe Abbey, they won the Best Drum Major, best Drill and Deportment, best Display and were winners in the Contest Class, thus competing in the Championship class in the future.


It was 7th Sale Scout Group’s Diamond Jubilee and they celebrated with a Reunion and Thanksgiving Service at the United Reformed Church and a buffet reception at their H.Q. along with their founder Tom Marriott-Moore. Their float also won the non-commercial class at Sale Festival.


The Atlas Venture Scout Unit was formed at 2nd Ashton and a Patrol from this Group won the County Activity Camping Competition at Great Towers. They will go on to represent the County in the Lord Derby Competition next year.


Several awards were made during the year, the most important one being the Bar to the Silver Acorn to Pat Haynes, District Commissioner – the first of this award in Sale. Lorraine Griffin,

Cub Scout Leader at 11th Sale, Paul Wilkinson, Venture Scout Leader at Phoenix Venture Scout Unit and Assistant County Commissioner (Venture Scouts), David Boynton, District Treasurer, Peter Hanna Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) and Colin Smith, Group Scout Leader at 2nd Brooklands were all awarded Medals of Merit. Martin Wilding, Assistant District Commissioner (Leader Training) was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation.


At the Census, there were:- 283 Beavers, 407 Cubs, 174 Scouts and 30 Ventures Scouts.

Paul Wilkinson gave up his position as Venture Scout Leader and Assistant County Commissioner (Venture Scouts) but retained contact with Dragon Fellowship.




Census figures increased to 1043 plus 17 others acting as District Scouters, Administrators, Advisers and Commissioners and 31 other members or Associate Members making a Grand Total of 1091 members in 1990.


The Appointments Sub-committee met on 9 occasions seeing a total of 32 Warrant applications and approving 31 new Warrants.


1990 was the ‘Scouts Go For a Million’ year, their aim to get a Million Scouts in the Movement nation-wide, raise money for Barnado’s Homes (the chosen charity for the year), collect points for each Patrol and Troop to become Scout ‘Millionaires’ and most of all have fun doing it.


Sue Walker gained her Poolside Bronze Medallion and Colin Parker gained his Poolside Bronze Lifesaver and Survival, giving the District Swimming Club its own Lifeguards not now having to rely on the Leisure Centre for Lifesavers.


On February 26th the District Band held a Fashion Show at Sale Moor Secondary School to raise funds for the Band. The District ‘Gang Time’ was held at the Sale Civic Theatre from Monday 19th to Saturday 24th February.

This was the last ‘Gang Time’ for Mollie Knighton, as she was retiring as prompter after many years connected with the Gang.


In March, 9th Sale held a Barn Dance at Rivington Barn.


John Casson, Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties) was awarded the Bar to the Medal of Merit.


The District Beavers held an Obstacle Course on Sunday 22nd April to raise some money for the I.T.V. ‘Telethon’ Appeal, the venue being changed at almost the last minute from Dunham Park Scout Campsite to Sale Water Park. 135 Beavers attended raising £1,440 on the Obstacle Course designed by the Dragons. Some boys were lucky enough to attend the Granada Studios to present a giant cheque.


In April, Peter Hanna, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) announced his ‘promotion’ to Assistant Scout Leader, working directly with the Scout Troop, from the District Annual General Meeting on the 21st May. Peter was returning to 2nd Ashton to work under a Scout Leader who was one of his Patrol Leaders when he first joined Scouts.


Peter’s successor was announced as Adrian Green who before becoming District Scout Leader was a Scout Leader at 1st Brooklands.


Dwain and his Dragons had been very busy at Dunham mainly painting walls, although it appears some people did get in the way. They also tried plaster boarding some ceilings in an effort to prepare the new Service Team rooms at the site. They were busy at the Sale ‘Gang Time’ selling raffle tickets, programmes and staffing the sweet stall and spent some time in Stockport taking ‘The Challenge’, a new paint ball game, after taking Headquarters’ advice. Martin Oxley took over as Chairman after Paul Aston accepted a job in Milton Keynes.


The District hoe-down was held at the R.A.F.A. Club arranged by the District Fellowship and attended by 120 people.


‘2,000 by 2,000’ was the catch phase for 1990, but what was it? Colin Dutton, Assistant District Commissioner (Scout Fellowship) and event organiser explained in the issue of District News.


“2,000 by 2,000 is an event organised by the District Scout Fellowship at the end of Sale’s Festival Week, to be held in Worthington Park in Sale on the Festival’s last Saturday. Its purpose is to bring public awareness to both Scouting and Guiding which is available to the people of Sale, and to hopefully raise the membership of each of the two Associations to 1,000 by the year 2000; hence 2,000 by 2,000.” On the Scouting side this meant a rise of 900 new members in 10 years.


The programme of events included an Opening Ceremony with a welcome, flag break and prayer, items provided by the District Beaver Scouts, Divisional Brownie Guides, District Cub Scouts, District Scouts, an Inter-group ‘It’s A Knockout’ Competition for the District Fellowship Inter-group Trophy. A District Ranger Guide/Venture Scout ‘Pram Race, a Celebrity Football Match, with a half-time item from the District Scout and Guide Band. The event concluded with a Scout and Guide joint camp-fire, organised by the Divisional Guides and closing with TAPS, flag down and prayer. During the day there were various events and activities set around the perimeter of the park by each Scout Group, Unit and/or Guide Division, for people to ‘have a go’ at Scouting or Guiding.


The Annual St. George’s Day Parade was set for Sunday April 2 9th.


At the District ‘Gang Time’, Mollie Knighton was presented with a Silver Salver by Harold Dickinson M.B.E., Musical Director, in appreciation of Mollie’s numerous years association with the Gang. Gang member Andrew Jones presented a basket of silk flowers from past and present members of the Gang and the District Scout Council. Mollie also received a bouquet of flowers from the front of house Staff.


Congratulations went to Cliff Sellers, Group Scout Leader at 14th Sale, who was awarded the Silver Acorn. He attended the Parade and Service at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on Sunday 22nd April. Admiral Sir David Halifax, K.C.B. K.B.E., Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle reviewed the Parade.


At the County Cub Scout Chess Competition, a team of Cub Scouts from 17th Sale, 9th Sale, 1st Brooklands, 5th Sale and Ashton and 7th Sale represented the District. It was a closely-fought battle and it wasn’t until the last round that Sale District emerged the winners with Altrincham District joint second. Each boy received a T-shirt and woggle and the trophy returned to Sale for the third year running.


The Cub Scout 7-a-side Football Competition was held at Sale Leisure Centre, where 14 teams took part culminating in a win by 17th Sale Polaris Pack, who won the Barber and Colman trophy. Polaris Pack took the double this year by winning the 11-a-side District League, with 7th Sale McKenzie Pack as runners-up.


Roger Kettle, who had run the league for thirteen years, hung up his ‘boots’ as League organiser at the end of this year’s football season. He then took over as District Secretary from Kim Green, at this year’s District Annual General Meeting.


Jackie Aspinall, Assistant County Commissioner for Cub Scouts, joined the Rock Council Meeting to talk to the Leaders about the New Cub Scout Training Scheme. The County launch date was set for 16th September and the District launch for the 16th October at the Headquarters of 17th Sale.


Viking Venture Scout Unit had a joint entry with Brooklands Ranger Guide Unit and won the County Sedan Chair Race this year. Vikings also represented the District at the Golden Boot Challenge. Vikings joined Dragon Scout Fellowship and Phoenix Venture Scout Unit at a ‘Clean Up’ in Broad Road Car Park in Sale organised by Sale Civic Society. 60 sacks of rubbish and 7 supermarket trolleys were collected.


Congratulations went out to Atlas Venture Scout Unit, who completed their first Annual General Meeting.


The 15th Annual Manchester Counties Band Championship took place on Saturday 16th July at Ashton-upon-Mersey Secondary School. This was to be a busy weekend for all Bands, as the Bands were entered in the T.Y.M.B.A. (The Youth Marching Bands Association) Competition on the Sunday at Halesowen, Birmingham. To increase the musical dynamics of the Band, two new instruments were introduced, a Marimba and a B Sharp Bass Bugle. Also to boost their image, they introduced a trade name; ‘Sale Senators’, which was braided on their jackets.


‘2,000 by 2,000’ was well attended by most Groups and showed all sections and the two Movements working well together. The only down side was the almost torrential rain that spoilt the opening ceremony and the Piccadilly Attackers, (a team of Disc Jockeys from the local Radio Station), having to pull out of the Celebrity Football Match against the Dragons, but a team of ‘all-corners’ (about a hundred, by all accounts) fared well against the Dragons. The District also entered a float in the Sale Festival Parade ably constructed by members of the District Scout Fellowship. 1st Brooklands provided free breakfasts to all comers, their part in providing a banquet for a million as part of the ‘Go for a Million’ Challenge.


Congratulations went to Pauline Sellers, Assistant District Commissioner (Beaver Scouts) on being awarded the Bar to the Medal of Merit.


It was agreed nationally, by the Committee of the Council, that Beaver Scouts may now wear either the turquoise or Group necker.


1st Brooklands saw the opening of a second Cub Scout Pack (as in 1939) and the naming of both Packs as Astra and Nova Packs, (meeting on Wednesday and Thursday evenings). Lesley Deakin and Sylvia Wilcock joined the District Team as District Cub Scout Leaders.


The Cub Scout Athlete Badge test took place on Sunday 23rd September at Sale Harriers on Crossford Bridge.


1st Brooklands organised a family day out to the Severn Valley Railway on Sunday 8th July. The day started with a good old Scouting tradition, a slight downpour, but did this dampen the spirits of one and all, No! The Coach arrived late, tradition number 2; well it was Sunday and half past eight in the morning. They arrived at Bridgnorth Station with half an hour to spare before the first train left at 11.25am, so it was full steam ahead for the toilets and the cafe.


After being presented with tickets which provided for unlimited travel between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster Town Station, they went on their way. Lunch was taken by many members of the Group by the side of the River Severn in Bewdley Village; which was being judged that day as part of the National Best-dressed Village Competition. We hope that the sight of hot Scouts did not put off the judges.


All too soon the time came for 1st Brooklands to make their way back to Bridgnorth for departure back to Sale. The days of steam have not gone.


A combined team from 7th and 11th Sale Scout Troops took part in the 1990 Border Hike starting at the Peter Watson Scout Camping Grounds at Gradbach, Cheshire. It was a thirteen to fifteen mile incident hike over Peak District Counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. A very creditable 21st place was achieved by the team.


Dwain and Dragons were busy as usual, even after a very exhausting annual ‘holiday’ in Cornwall. They set to at the District ‘Go for a Million’ camp for the Scouts, organising a series of challenges, such as knotting spaghetti and seeing how many Scouts could stand on one brick.


The annual District Swimming Gala was held at Sale Leisure Centre on Saturday 24th November. A raffle held on the door raised £6.18 for the ‘Children in Need’ appeal. On behalf of the District, bouquets of flowers were presented to Gladys Rain and Sue Howarth, the organisers. 2nd  Brooklands won the Cub Scout Totem Pole as winners in their section, the Scouts from 2nd Brooklands won their section’s trophy. Viking Venture Scout Unit won the trophy for their section and the Group Relay Trophy went to 9th Sale.


The ‘Go for a Million’ District Millionaires were 7th Sale Wolves Patrol, who were awarded the District Millionaires Plaque, for scoring the most millionaires’ points in the District.