GMW Camp


A series of modules will be followed up with a test

There’s nothing quite like being out in the open countryside, rambling over hills and through valleys where you have never been before, but will you be able to find your way to your next stop? do you have the right equipment with you? do you have the knowledge on how to use it?

Learning Modules

Map Basics

Basic overview of maps, grid references and contours.

Compass Basics

Basics of a compass, basic components and simple use.


Essential navigational understanding.

Travel Speed

Are we nearly there yet?


Finding ourselves on a map and knowing when we have reached a certain position.

Knowledge Check

Test Yourself

When you are ready … it’s time to test yourself.

Are you FIT


Before you even consider going out into the open countryside, you should Familiarise yourself with the area.


Identify the equipment and skills needed to ensure your safety.


Test your knowledge from home until you are confident that your skills will keep you safe.

Study at Your Own Pace

Use this resource to ensure that you are FIT to ramble.