New Beaver Colony and Name Changes

Since the initial lifting of Restrictions, our Waiting Lists have grown at an unprecedented rate, however if we wanted to create a new Beaver Colony, we had to create a new naming convention as who would want to join Woodbourne Road B Team?

… and so we asked what would be a good theme to name our Beaver Colonies after? … and overwhelmingly, the answer was Famous Mancunians.

and so, we are proud to present …

Raglan Road Beavers

becomes ...

Howard Beavers

named after Kirsty Howard.

Woodbourne Road Beavers

becomes ...

Pankhurst Beavers

named after Emmeline Pankhurst.

... and introducing

Our new Wednesday Night Beaver Colony who will be meeting at Woodbourne Road from February …

Young People on our waiting list

become ...

Chetham Beavers

named after Humphrey Chetham.