Parent Rep

Typically, when you think of Adults in Scouting, you naturally may think of the Beaver Leader, the Assistant Cub Scout Leader or the Scouts Section Assistant … these are the visible Adult volunteers to whom we are eternally grateful but behind the scenes, there lies another group of Adult volunteers, without whom, Scouting would simply not be possible … Our Executive Committee.

The Group Executive Committee are the unsung heroes of Scouting, they are responsible for ensuring that the Group as a whole remains functional by way of raising and managing funds, by ensuring that the buildings are maintained and all statutory insurance is in place, by providing governance over every aspect of a successful Scout Group.

The Executive Committee is headed up by the Chair, ably assisted by the Secretary and Treasurer, the Quartermaster, The Hut Manager, The Group Scout Leader and all the Section Leaders … but we have room for more …

We are looking for Parent Representatives to be the eyes, ears and voice of all Parents.

The Executive Committee typically meets every 4-6 weeks and meetings typically last between 1 and 2 hours.

Where else can you invest such little time and make such a huge difference?

If you are prepared to come and make a difference … please contact us via the Contact Page.