Scouting DBS

Scouting takes safeguarding very seriously, every adult (aged 18+) in Scouting must have a current and valid DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service),

This doesn’t just apply to the Leaders that you see at Section meetings, our Executive Committee, Section Assistants and all Group Occasional Helpers must have a valid Scouting DBS (We do not accept vocational DBS’s even those shared via the DBS Update Scheme).

We do this in order that Parents can feel confident that All Adults that may come into contact with their child whilst taking part in a Scouting Activity have been checked against national registers and deemed to be safe.

All Adults are first registered on the Scouting Adult Volunteer Database (Compass), once registered, we can then apply for a DBS Check to take place.

A trained volunteer will carry out the Identification aspect of the DBS check, once identity has been established, Atlantic Data will proceed with the checks, the adult being checked will be the only person who will be sent the check results (typically this will take 2-4 weeks), the only detail fed back to the Scout Group Leader is a pass/fail. (failure can simply be the result of a record not being found).

The form below is for Adults in Scouting to provide their initial Compass registration details, this can be used by people wanting to offer their services to the Scout Group, whether as a Uniformed Volunteer, an Executive Member, a Section Assistant, an Adult offering to help out at occasional meetings or an Adult wishing to attend an overnight camp.

Once the data has been entered into Compass, you will receive an email from Atlantic Data asking you to give details of three forms of ID, once you have found three acceptable forms of ID, we will be informed to make contact with you to visually verify the ID documents, once that is completed, you will be sent a final email from Atlantic Data requesting a few final details, upon submission of these, the DBS check can then take place.

Many people suggest that the process is over-complicated … however, when it applies to the wellbeing of young people … it is worth the trouble.

If you would like to apply for a DBS with Sale Central Scout Group, please complete the form below, we will be in touch once processed.

Scouting DBS
If you are a Parent/Carer of a member of Scouting, or if you wish to volunteer to help out at a specific section please indicate which above (multiple selections permitted)
Please ensure this is as it appears on your passport/driving license or other such documentation.
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