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At the centre of Scouting in Sale

“try and leave this world a little better than you found it..”

– Lord Robert Baden Powell

Skills for Life

To many people, Scouting is all about tying knots and toasting marshmallows over a campfire, and although these are things that we do, we offer so much more.

Scouting gives Boys and Girls aged 6 to 18, the opportunity to learn many important life skills, from basic core principles like respect and integrity to high adventure activities and the latest technologies.

Sale Central at the Heart of our local community

Over a hundred young people from within our Community attend our weekly Beaver, Cub or Scout meetings which in turn give our local community a focal point for activities that involve the whole family.

“Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. This is what I love about Scouting. It’s about doing great things, loving and enjoying the great adventures and helping others to do the same.”

– Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

Scouting and Coronavirus

Virtual Scouting

Through various lockdowns, Scouting has been unable to meet Face to Face, instead, our wonderful volunteers have pulled out all the stops to ensure that the young people of our community can continue to socialise with their fellow Scouts

The "At Home" Challenge Award

Greater Manchester West (GMW) Scouts were highly responsive to the prospect of Face to Face Scouting being suspended, which had the potential to prevent our young Members from being able to achieve their much sought after Chief Scouts Award. GMW quickly commissioned an Occasional Award which challenged our Members to work on all of those individual badge requirements that can be achieved in the home environment.

Healthy Obsessions

From our youngest members to our oldest members (including our Volunteer Leaders), Scouting provides adventurous, challenging and healthy activities to satisfy the adventurer in all of us.