Online Scout Manager

Sale Central Scout Group, like many Scout Groups across the World use Online Scout Manager (OSM) to help manage our Scouting Programme.

Designed by a Scout Leader, OSM has rapidly become THE Go-To application to help groups to manage the many different aspects of running a successful Scout Group.

From a Group perspective, OSM helps us manage:

  • Our Programme of Activities.
  • Our Meeting Attendance.
  • Our Badge Records.
  • Our Camps and Events.
  • Our Financial Records
  • Our communications with Parents/Guardians.

and so much more.

OSM Parent Portal enables Parents to be able to:

  • View the current Programme of activities.
  • View upcoming Camps/Events.
  • Keep a track on Badge completion.
  • Manage subscription payments.
  • Manage payments for Camps/Events.
  • Maintain Personal Information held by the Group.
  • View communications from Section Leaders.
  • Obtain discounts to Scouting related products and services.

Personal Information

Being charged with the care and safety of our members is of paramount importance to Sale Central Scout Group (and all other Scout Groups), when a Young Person is in our care, we need to know if that young person has any allergies, dietary requirements, medical conditions, Religious beliefs and so many other things, we need to have contact details at hand, we respect our members rights to privacy, we therefore will never ask for more information than is needed to ensure the safety of our members, we put the onus on Parents/Guardians to maintain the integrity of the data that we have at our disposal and encourage them to keep the data current and correct.